Respect Rural Zoning in Hornsby Shire

The contribution of Hornsby's rural lands to Greater Sydney cannot be over estimated. They provide valuable agricultural opportunities in the form of food production, plant nurseries and help safeguard Sydney's future food security.

The rural area has beautiful tranquil natural scenery, amazing wildlife habitat, safe wildlife corridors and varied recreational opportunities that are enjoyed and visited by thousands of Sydney-siders every week. People who choose to live in the rural area do so for the rural amenity and love and respect the bush. Visitors from all over Sydney respect and enjoy the proximity of the rural lands and what they offer.

The rural lands are vital and need to be preserved and protected by law in the public interest. They are currently under threat of overdevelopment from Hornsby Council.

Hornsby Council has a two-pronged agenda to destroy our rural lands as we know them.

Click Picture Below for the Quarry/Vineys Rd DA Proposal